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Corporate Photography


Martin Searle Solicitors in Brighton  needed some fresh, friendly and professional images to go with their new website. After a meeting with the Directors I had a solid idea of the shots they wanted. I visited the offices being used for the shoot and put together a list of names for the head shots, team shots and one to ones.  My aim was to capture how this friendly business is working for you in an approachable manner.



I photographed the clients in their corporate office, providing a quick and easy service. This resulted in them saving time and money as they didn’t need to leave the building.

Maytyra Photography covers a variety of corporate photography which can be used for annual reports, PR, marketing materials, brochures and business cards. Working evenings and weekends we fit around your business needs.


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Newborn Samuel Issac Martin

I was proud to be asked to photograph newborn Samuel Issac Martin.

At only four weeks his wrinkly skin and expressions were priceless.

It’s so easy to forget how little we all once were.  Babies are so vulnerable, yet I’m still amazed at how quickly they grow and develop. From the first day they enter this world they’re continually changing and gaining their strength. Truly amazing.

Photographic Restorations


Photographic Restorations is a new specialist service that we provide.

We offer professional restoration to aged and/or damaged photographs.



How is it done?

We take a high resolution digital scan of your original, retouch and repair to your specifications, and supply your completed image on CD as a digital file.

Your original photograph is returned with your CD.


Photographic restorations are priced individually and will depend on the condition of the original photograph.

Prices from £25


For a job specific quote please feel free to contact us via email at

This service is available Worldwide and your quote will include any postage costs.

NEW Portrait Category – Maternity

I have a renewed passion for Maternity photography. It isn’t everyday your body is transformed into this magnificent shape, and I’ve been honored to be able to capture this special moment with various Mums to be.

Due to popular demand I’m adding a Maternity category to our Portrait Portfolio. A special price list has been revised with the chance to purchase Gift Vouchers – a perfect gift for a friend or daughter. Love your baby bump.

For more information email or phone 07733 108627

Event & Sport

Gallery coming soon…

Contact to discuss any events you would like covered.

Wedding Bells












I am in the process of moving my website around and hopefully improving it. There are many photographs I haven’t loaded and as these weren’t taken that long ago I thought I would put them into a post.











I managed to get to know Matt and Heelong well when we did an engagement shoot together. They are a great couple and I am pleased to say that they had a wonderful wedding. I hope their lives together are filled with much happiness and joy.











Heeyoung & Matt

“We had Maytyra for our Engagement shoot and Wedding Day. She is very talented and professional at what she does, and made us feel so comfortable the whole time. She put so much effort into making the best pictures we could get.

The way Maytyra managed to capture a moment in time and make it look so natural was amazing. We can look at our photos and remember that single moment. If an opportunity ever arose again we would have no hesitation to have her again.

Thank you so much for making our wedding memories so special by giving us such beautiful photos that will last lifetime. We love your photos.

So many good things we want to say about you. Hopefully it shows how much we loved your work.

Thank you again and take care.

With love,

Heeyoung and Matt.xoxo”

For more information email or phone 07733 108627

Maternity Portfolio

Concha Family

“Maytyra took beautiful photographs of my bump, granting us everlasting memories that we look forward to sharing with our little daughter. Her artistic eye captured radiant compositions that reflect her creativity and professionalism. Her talented use of light enhanced the photographs to a magical degree. She dedicated hours to us, coming to our own home, making us feel very relaxed and the result is more than evident in so many of the brilliant photos we now have. Maytyra is an absolute joy to do a photo shoot with; she is exceptional.”

For more information email or phone 07733 108627

Holga Experiments

After receiving a 35mm convertor  I put my Holga to the test to see what results it would give me. I was back at the front of the queue as a complete amateur who wasn’t sure exactly what results I would get – it was exciting!

Image 1

120 film and it’s processing add up to a costly affair when you only get 12 – 16 shots (depending which adapter you have in) so it was an extra delight to know I had the economical option of 35mm film.

Or so I thought…

Image 2

Unfortunately you don’t get the choice of the 24 or 36 exposures as this becomes irrelevant when shooting with a Holga. I’ve managed to get between 8 and 12 shots with my adapter. This is due to having to forward the film for approximately one and a half turns after each shot. You should also consider the amount you wind the film when you first load it as this would have an effect.

When the 35mm adapter is installed you are using 1.75x the negative compared to a conventional 35mm shot, producing a semi panoramic photograph. This is exciting as you’re getting the extra quality but on the low side you’re limited on viewing this image to its full potential unless you scan it.

It wasn’t until I came to the end of my first test film that I realised there is no light proof case to wind the film into while it’s in the camera. This means you  need a dark bag or a friendly developer who is happy to remove it for you.

Another issue arises with printing. The 35mm adapter shoots over the sprockets of the negative. Unfortunately high street printers can’t accommodate this so the best thing is to have the negatives scanned.

Image 3

My advice is to get your negs UNCUT as this avoids any confusion on the developers side and you will maintain control of how the negs are cut and scanned.

Image 4

To capture as much of the image as possible it had to be printed on two photographs. Some duplicate areas would appear on both the prints, which is why I’ve laid the images over one and other to produce the print. Unfortunately on the image above  (Image 4) there is a section missing which is why there is a white strip separating the images.

Overall I’m really pleased  with the results and I can’t wait to see the image as a whole, inclusive of sprockets.

Image 5 (above), Image 6 (left), Image 7 ( right)

Focus Point

I am beginning to understand the focus points more enabling it to work to my advantage. Image 7 is one that particularly surprised me. The depth of field worked really well and I was surprised how sharp the duck was. In the beginning I wasn’t considering the minimum focus distance so this is something to bear in mind. I have more experimentation to do but loved the results from the Image 1 and Image 5. I wanted to create a dream like effect to make these two over photographed subjects more unique.

Take your Holga on holiday with you; I took mine to New Zealand. The new landscape is bound to bring inspiration and give a different effect from the standard holiday/postcard shots.









The only issues are with printing and scanning facilities, which can be very restrictive and costly depending on where you are.

I’ve had the draw back of having to wait until I get home before I can view my images. On the up side I’ve  found it exciting awaiting the arrival of my prints. While flicking through unseen freshly made photographs I have  butterflies in my stomach, a feeling only felt when shooting on negative.

I have tried the 35mm adapter with the fish eye lens and found it doesn’t work as it should. There were issues with printing and the 35mm adapter is unable to capture the whole circular view, the top and bottom of the circle is cropped out due to the 35mm format, leaving the distortion and circular format to only appear on the sides.  I’m yet to try it on 120 film but believe to see a better result. This will be my next experiment.

Holga Love

You may look upon this camera as something similar to a child’s plastic toy, yet when you experience the true playfulness of it it does exactly what it says on the tin. It will make you fall in love with photography again.

….A plastic shell which memories are made of.

For me it brought out the playfulness within and stripped those limitations put upon me from studying, magazines and other peoples beliefs in what photography should be.

My Holga reunites me with the reason why I fell in love with photography. I believe that you should only follow something you love, which can then make it all the more painful when you feel like you have lost it.

I personally experienced this after finishing university. It took a two year period without  taking a single shot before  I purchased a Nikon d70 (with a little  influence). My love was reunited. In a similar way the Holga has done this for me. As in life things can get a bit too serious, so much so that you stop seeing and appreciating the beauty and freedom around you.

Now this camera is basic to the point that there is no viewing screen, menus or batteries needed. You use film, wind it on yourself and have a dial at the front where you can choose  the distance of the shot you are shooting. It is up to you how long you make the exposure and multiple exposures can be carried out at ease by not winding the film on and taking another shot.

Special thanks to the friend who bought me this gift.

Some Portraiture Fun!

Recently I have been doing a lot of portraiture work which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  This has been a mixture of commercial work, families and children.  I have been shooting in a variety of places from the studio, beach, fields and peoples houses.  Here is a mini collection of some.

March Lifestyle Portrait offer can be found HERE

Happy New Year!

I want to wish all my visitors and clients a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I hope you all had a magical Christmas.

This is Harry.  In 2009 he celebrated his first Christmas. His parents honored this by sending out this photograph I took as a Christmas Card to their friends and family.


christmas advert
This season I am offering a fantastic special offer on

Lifestyle Portraits for £35.00, normally £75.00!

Photographs taken in the comfort of your own home with sessions ranging from an hour to an hour and a half.

You can view my portrait portfolios here:


Kids & Teens:


Keep those special moments recorded forever.

I understand that sometimes it can take time to relax in front of the camera, this can be helped by shooting in a familiar surrounding and wearing clothes you feel comfortable in. My eye for capturing memories and finding the best pose to suit you will help catch those natural moments on camera.

If alternatively you have a special place you would like to be photographed I am more than happy to travel to accommodate this.

Photographs can make fantastic Christmas gifts which is why I am also offering this promotion in gift vouchers.

Expires February 2010


October Babies

October is a wonderful month to take leaf crunching walks, and on a personal note it is the month I celebrate my birthday. I have been in warm climates for most of the year until now.


This month I remembered how much I love wrapping up in a big jumper with a hat and scarf.

The photograph on the left was taken by me hand holding the camera and capturing my friend and I.

It took a few attempts to get us framed and lit correctly. This maybe a holiday snap shot, but I still took into consideration the ever changing light. We had to wait for the sun to appear from behind the clouds so it could light up Parliament which is behind us. I used Photo shop to make this image a mixture of black and white and colour. By doing this it creates an effect of layers which is helped along by the composition. It reminds me of one of those cardboard theatres I had when I was younger.


For my birthday treat I was given a surprise gift of a trip to Budapest. I was very overwhelmed by the thought and effort that had been shown to me.

boy on rail

Know your numbers!

Pharmacy shot

Know your Numbers! Week is the annual flagship campaign of the Blood Pressure Association charity.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people get a free blood pressure check at thousands of locations across the UK.  These can be pharmacies, shopping centres, local markets, and many other community venues. High blood pressure is the main risk factor for stroke and heart attack – but once diagnosed it’s treatable, so these simple checks can save lives.

The actual campaign ran from 7-13 September, Gregory Barker, MP for Bexhill and Battle was visiting the Day Lewis Pharmacy in Battle to get a free check.

I was asked to photograph him which resulted in my image being used on the Blood Pressure Association’s website.

Dear Maytyra,

I hope you are very well.

I am writing to say thank you so much for your fantastic photos of Gregory Barker! These are really excellent – just the right composition and you’ve worked well to get the resources in too.

We’ve used one of the pics on the website with your credit -

Thanks again for your support of our charity and for the excellent photos! I’ll be in touch again soon when we next use your photos.

Very best wishes,




A personal self portrait.

I have always been fascinated with reflections, abstraction and a different way to view the world.

In February 2009 we were leaving the port  at Fort Lauderdale, USA, on a turnaround day. I had just finished shooting the new passengers boarding the ship and decided to take a walk out on deck. I loved how you could still make out the skyscrapers in the distance.  I was even more delighted to take a shot where I could incorporate myself in this landscape. Taken on board the Ruby Princess.

blog 2 Sailaway

There is a big rush on the cruise ships to see the first sail away.  In January 2009 I experienced my first one in Los Angeles, U.S.A on the Sapphire Princess.

I noticed how the sun was casting shadows of the guests over the deck. I chose to shoot at a low angle and expose for the shadows, which created the silhouette of the people and kept the shadows.

Homemade Tattoo

Homemade Tattoo

For six months I have been on a cruise ship which I can only refer to as something out of Big Brother. I experienced some new things and I do think of my time there as an “adventure”.

Despite my intentions to start this blog at the start of my trip, the extremely poor internet connection made it virtually  impossible to put postings together.  My next few posts will be a reflection of my experiences from the first half of the year.

This photograph is of my friend Kartik. Kartik is from Bombay, India and is a Assistant Purser on the Ruby Princess cruise ship. The evening this image was taken Kartik had invited me around to his cabin to photograph the stages of his tattoo being coloured in. I asked him why he chose to have a scorpion tattoo, he replied “it’s for my mother, it’s her star sign”. Kartik doesn’t hide how much he adores his mother, in fact he makes it very obvious how important she is to him.

kartik portrait

The tattoo was undertaken by a gentleman who works as a cook. There are so many jack of all trades on a ship!

It was carried out under no form of pain killers, apart from the odd beer and cigarette.

Kartik and I  arrived on the same day but we didn’t become friends until a month later. We stayed friends throughout my contract, and he was one of the few who helped me cope with the “ship life” I at times struggled to understand.

Publications, Clippings and Exhibitions

Apple Bottom

Apple Bottom Look Book 2008

Apple Bottom Look Book 2008

Apple Bottom Look Book 2008

Apple Bottom Look Book 2008


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